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Monday, October 20, 2008

What is the best alternative to Bloglines??

Am I the last person to leap from the sinking ship that is Bloglines? It's been very flaky these past couple of weeks, not bothering with all sorts of fine blogs (I first realised something was up when I stopped getting my daily update of Corduroy Mansions, the i-novel by Alexander McCall-Smith ... if they're not bothering to update as big a site as the Daily Telegraph, what hope is there for even the best personal blogs?

Now I read (thank you LifeHacker) that even the founder is moving to Google reader .... does anyone know of a decent alternative? NetNewsWire?

I'd really appreciate your views, as I am the least techie person, but I do like the tech I use to work ;) ... and I've come to rely on a feedreader


Magic Cochin said...

Hi Joanna

I've been using the 'Blog List' Blogger Gadget and show the 5 most recently updated links in my blog sidebar.

There a a handful I only look at via Bloglines. I handn't become aware of recent problems with Bloglines but I find that I prefer the Blog List.


Alex said...

Is there a reason you don't want to use google reader?

It's reasonably customisable and it's a nice lightweight interface. You can share articles with any friends you have and tag things with additional detail.

You might also want to consider something like FriendFeed.

Ellie said...

I use Google reader for everything and it works really well. I can show you how to use it if I come down for the weekend if you want as well!
E x

Joanna said...

Hi Celia ... thanks for that tip, I'll give it a try (there are lots of new blogger gadgets I've failed to take on board, so I'll have a look at them too) ... it sounds like a good solution

Alex, no, there's no particular reason that I don't want to use Google reader, except a nagging feeling that Google controls enough of my life already ... but I accept that this is probably irrational, and I'll probably end up using it. Actually, I already have a G-reader account, and I've just updated it this morning - but I don't like the look of it so much, obviously not keen on change ;)

E - thanks, DO come, come anyway, but, yes please, I'd like a G-reader tutorial, as I can see there are lots of things it can do that I don't yet know about


Ilva said...

well it seems as if Bloglines is getting better now but who knows... I use both Google reader and bloglines but I prefer bloglines, I suppose it's something chemical...

Nan said...

This probably won't help, but I just have all the blogs I visit on my sidebar, with title of post and last time updated listed. When I open my blog, I can easily see if for example, you have posted something I haven't yet read. I'm a big believer in going right to people's blogs because I expect most put a lot of work and thought into the appearance (as I do) and I don't want to miss that.

Joanna said...

I'm with you, Ilva, I don't much like google reader at the moment - although I'm hoping that E's tutorial may do the trick :)

But I'm really glad I asked you all for help, because at least part of the answer is staring me in the face - use the blog, which is what Celia and Nan do. And Nan, I think you're right, wonderful to go straight to people's blogs. I like how you still have categories for the blogs you read. And I could keep some on a feedreader, perhaps the ones I delete without reading when I'm busy (I try hard not to do it, but sometimes needs must)

Thank you all for your help


PS Alex, I'm just going to have a play with FriendFeed, which I'd never heard of ...

Sue said...

Hi Joanna,

I do enjoy your blog - thank you!
I used to use Bloglines, but found it a bit frustrating. I changed to Google Reader (and overlooking that it is Google!) have found it reliable and adaptive.
All for an easy life, me!

Lauren Fisher said...

Hi Joanna, I'm working with the Telegraph on the Corduroy Mansions project. Sorry to hear your rss feed stopped working! If you wanted, you can download the Corduroy Mansions chapter widget at or follow the novel on twitter @corduroymansion

Joanna said...

Hi Lauren, thanks for this - the feed is back in working order now, and Bloglines say it was all a temporary problem anyway ... but these widgets sound worth exploring. I've never read any AMcS before, but am really enjoying this - I like the partwork throwback to Dickens et al


VP said...

Crumbs - this shows just how much I don't know about the Blogosphere! I've only used Google Reader and Blotanical thus far, but am also beginning to use the Blogger's Following facility. I read too many blogs to have them all on my sidebar, so prefer to have something that just shows up the recent posts I've missed.

Thanks for your visits recently. I suspect I'll be returning here from time to time - hubby's just found he has a high cholesterol level, so we'll need some inspiration from here :)