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Thursday, October 09, 2008


My generous husband is not a great one for impromptu presents, which makes it all the more special when he comes home with one. In the 20-something years we've been together, he's given me flowers once. They were utterly memorable, and never-to-be-beaten: on the day our first child was born, he brought one rose, one rosebud, one stick of asparagus and one sprig of mint, all picked from the garden, and stuck into a beer mug from the kitchen draining board.

Yesterday, he came home with a present, one of the best I've ever been given ....

It's a brazing torch, and it makes short work of lighting the stove. No need for paper, just a few little twigs or sticks and a couple of logs, and the fire's blazing merrily within a minute. Wonderful man. Not sure what other people do with brazing torches.

These days, I grow my own flowers for the kitchen table.


Magic Cochin said...

Beautiful Dahlias!

One Christmas I got a purple kagool and a blow torch from my beloved!

I told the neighbours over New Year drinks and they looked sorry for me - but I was thrilled!


Anonymous said...

Excellent sweet post, Joanna

Anonymous said...
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Joanna said...

Thanks for kind words.

LOVE the idea of a purple kagool. What could be better? It makes you wonder what the neighbours could possibly have been giving each other ;)

We must make the most of the dahlias before the frosts come ... some of mine have only been producing flowers for a couple of weeks, as that was the first sunshine they had