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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lunar eclipse

Last night, around 3am, there was a lunar eclipse. I'm always keen to see the moon in her full glory, without the light of the sun. I set my alarm and staggered blearily out of bed, looked out of the window, and went straight back to bed. Scuppered by the weather, as so often for British skywatchers. Sad, because a lunar eclipse is - I think - the most beautiful of celestial events, surpassing even the showy fireworks of a solar eclipse, and there won't be another visible from my garden until 2015. The last lunar eclipse here, nearly a year ago, was notably reddish, utterly beautiful.

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Celia Hart said...

Hi Joanna, yes I was out there too! I didn't set the alarm but told myself to wake at 3am (sometimes my internal timer works) I woke at 3.06am and made my way down to the kitchen door. The security light blinded me for a few minutes (dam!) but venturing down to the darkness near the pond I could just see a ghostly dulled moon in the edge of the cloud. Not spectacular like the last two lunar elipses.