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Thursday, February 07, 2008

British Heart Foundation petition

Many of you who read my blog know that my husband had a heart attack a couple of years ago. Horrible. Frightening. Never over ... you live with the fear that it will happen again (just like it happened again for my mother-in-law, woken in the night to be told that her husband had died). I fear for my children.

SO .. please sign this petition. The British Heart Foundation is leading a campaign to stop junk food advertising on British television. Makes some kind of sense to me. Let's all get back to real food, if we possibly can.

And ... a good diet doesn't have to be an expensive diet. Here's a list of winter affordable superfoods ... think oatmeal, herrings, Savoy cabbage ... lots of alternatives to unpronounceable air-freigted berries with ludicrous price-tags.

But in the meantime, let's break the cycle - sign the BHF petition, to show that we all understand the negative power of food advertising.


Aparna Balasubramanian said...

I have been reading your blog for a little while now.
My husband and I have a history of heart disease in our families so we both are sitting targets!
My mother-in-law has been suffering from heart disease for the last 30 years, had an attack, then a CABG and now has episodes of angina even at rest. So I know what you are talking about.
This is despite being vegetarian by culture and choice.
I'm doing my best to see that we eat and live as healthy as possible and pass this on to our daughter.
Please keep up the good work of spreading heart health awareness.

Joanna said...

Hi Aparna ... thanks for your kind words. I am really sorry to hear about your family's health problems - CHD is frightening, especially when it runs down families.

I know virtually nothing about Indian vegetarian cookery. British/western veggie cooking tends to be full of saturated fat - there's a strong reliance on cheese, for instance, lots of eggs. As we are eating less meat, I am exploring the options of vegan food ...

I have subbed your feed, and will look forward to reading your blog


Amanda at Little Foodies said...

Have signed it.

I second what Aparna said, keep up the good work Joanna. You really do make a difference. You've certainly made me stop and think, many times.

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

You do make me pause and give thought to what I put in the pan. And I thank you.

Michelle said...

Heart disease is so scary, after seeing it rage through so many families (including my own). I'm so glad you're out there, making a difference, and sharing your story with all of us...

Cottage Smallholder said...

This looks like a good petition to sign. Thanks for the nudge, Joanna.

You write a great blog. One of my must reads. Packed with ideas and surprises. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I've signed.All the best,John