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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A lemony courgette salad

I've posted this before, I think, but now that the courgette season has begun, here's a reminder - it's that good.

Slice courgettes lengthwise using a mandoline, or a potato peeler (messier and slightly slower, but just as good). The slices need to be as fine as you can make them, almost transparent is best.

Chop herbs, whatever you've got: parsley obviously works well, perhaps tarragon, maybe even a little basil. Toast a handful of pine nuts in a non-stick pan.

Meanwhile, make a vinaigrette using olive oil, lemon juice, honey, salt and pepper. I often put in finely grated lemon zest as well (this is the work of a second if you have a Microplane grater, and if you haven't - well, it will transform your kitchen, no exaggeration).

Mix it all together. Delicious - essence of summer.

Here's the old post on the same subject - just looked it up. I'm amazed to find that I am still making this the same way, usually recipes evolve (often for the worse) over time, and I've been making this regularly for two summers, this is the third.


Anonymous said...

This sounds delicious. I can't wait for my flood stunted (but survived) courgette plants to yield their harvest and then I can try this lovely recipe.
Sara from farmingfriends

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Yes, I know we'll be seeing more and more of the courgette (our zucchini) in the next month and this looks a perfect recipe! Thanks.

mrsnesbitt said...

I am with slimming world at the moment and am eating a lot of vegetarian dishes, so a good idea to come and check out here. Fancy the lentils & beetroot!


Joanna said...

It really is good, particularly with home-grown courgette. I have tried the same technique on a cucumber, but all you get is a soggy mush - not recommended!

Sara, once we get some sunshine (do you think we ever will? It's raining again, just as the floodwater is said to be peaking in Henley), your plants will soon catch up ... mine have all been destroyed by snails, and now I'm not sure it's worth putting in more before we go away in a few days ... but if I leave it until we get back, well, it'll probably be too late.

Katie Zeller said...

Thanks for another great-sounding courgette recipe.... One cannpt have too many this time of year ;-)

Anonymous said...

My courgettes are just coming in now - I did something similar at the weekend and am now thinking about what to do with the rest of the crop!

David Hall said...

Thanks for that Joanna, what a cracking little recipe and so simple. I think I'll do this on Monday with a piece of fish, I will need simplicity after this weekend, 3 days of food presentations at the Gateshead Flower Show! Will keep an eye out for a few stray rose petals for that jelly too!


Joanna said...

David - I particularly like this with fish (although it's good on it's own for a quick lunch), and it's perfect when you've had an overload of rich things, because it's light, fresh, etc

DO try the rose petal jelly - vg on ice cream, I'm told, and it's also a Turkish delicacy, with lots of different things, including lamb (where we might use redcurrant jelly). Watch this space, as I work out what to do with it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Joanna,
I hope that you don't mind me linking to this recipe on my post about how many different ways can you cook courgette.
Sara from farmingfriends

Danny said...

Hi Joanna,

We have enjoyed this courgette salad twice in the past seven days, and adored it on both occasions.

Tonight Fiona added some of our new summer cauliflower. The combo was superb but I reckon that the dressing pulls it all together.

Very well done indeed, and thank you very much from us both.

This has added a whole new dimension to our summer menu.

Best wishes,