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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Healthy eating - a reminder

Here's a reminder about healthy eating ... it's easy to backslide, especially when you're busy. I'm not sure I've been so good about my five-a-day in the past week or so, what with all the huge quantities of food I've been cooking for hungry oarsmen, and my children working out the best way to cook roast potatoes.

Abby's absolutely right - the easiest way to improve your diet is to eat more vegetables and fruit. I'm not sure I could ever manage 17 a day, though!


Katie Zeller said...

It's easier in the summer. I usually munch my way to my potager, there are plum trees and bramble berries on the way...
But when you're busy it's a challenge, much easier to grab a bit of junk... and somtimes that's what I crave when I'm super busy!
Sounds like you're having a fun/challenging summer so far!

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Thanks, I needed that!

Joanna said...

Tanna I certainly did, and I'm still not really acting on it. I KNOW that the best way to eat more fruit and veg is to start at breakfast, but I'm still skipping it first thing, and then eating toast mid morning. Not clever.

Katie you sound as if you've got the perfect set-up, fruit to nibble on your way to the potager. I try not to keep junk in the house, but it's not easy when all the children are on holiday. Actually, the junk doesn't appeal much, but a nibble of cheese is only possible when it's in the fridge, and I don't buy it when there's just Lucius and me in the house.

It's a grey day here, and there are 120 people coming to lunch - best get on!

David Hall said...

Hi Joanna

It is VERY easy to slide back to old habits. The key for me and what I do is to ensure each meal is delicious rather than settling for MOR, it isn't that hard. Check out my latest - Turlu Turlu. Evidence for any vegiphobes that vegetables, just pure vegetables, can be utterly fantastic!