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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Home-made egg pasta

I'm tidying up, so I'm using my blog for its original purpose, which is as a 21st century manuscript cookery book. This is a reminder for a quick pasta. I've written it down twice while watching re-runs of Jamie Oliver cooking in a very up-market garden shed.

Mix 1 egg and 100g OO flour per person. Draw together in a ball. On the pasta machine's widest setting, roll and fold four or five times till it's silky. Then push it through until it's as thin as you'd like. Fold loosely, cut to tagliatelli. This takes 45-60 seconds to cook in boiling water.

I'd be grateful for any tips which would improve on this. I never find it quite as easy as Jamie makes out ;)


Alex said...

I find that resting the pasta (for about half an hour, covered with a tea towel to stop it drying out) really helps with the rolling out process. That and keeping plenty of flour to hand!

Xinran said...

Time to dust off the pasta machine. I too have never found it as easy as Jamie promised it would be, I will try Alex's tip.

Joanna said...

Alex, thanks for this ... I can see that if it works for pastry, it's likely to work for pasta. And I forgot to say that Jamie recommended a little flour about the place ;)

Xinran - I'm glad it's not just me. I'm going to get the machine out tonight, there are plenty of eggs at home, and not much else, and I don't want to go shopping. Watch this space