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Saturday, February 21, 2009

A bit of gratuitous maternal boasting

Fingers crossed. It's the conclusion of the real tennis varsity match at Lord's today, and it's the first time for over a decade that Oxford has any chance of beating Cambridge - the long-serving Cambridge postgrad tennis players all graduated last year: one of them (the one playing my boy) was playing for Cambridge for the 14th time.

Horatio is captain of Oxford this year (see post title), and started the match with a doubles win yesterday. Sadly the other doubles match went to Cambridge, but that means today's four singles matches will be keenly contested.

My top photo shows Horatio warming up; the one below shows my chaps watching the second match, and gives you an idea of what the court looks like. I'll try to take better photos today.

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Trish said...

I absolutely love your and all...although it was the butternut squash that brought me here. AND we share the same blog background. But there the similarity ends ... for my recipes are pretty simple...and I am just beginning to find the time to enjoy my kitchen. May I link to your blog? I don't have a readership...just a few odd friends. Grin..they are NOT odd but...well...anyway.... I blog my recipes because I enjoy what I do...puttering about in the kitchen and for a workaholic when the work day is done..there is nothing better than escaping to the kitchen. Lets see what I can invent for the butternut squash filling although I must say...I do like your ideas.