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Friday, November 28, 2008

How DO you say Miele?

Most inconveniently, I've fallen in love - preposterously, with a fridge. Not just any old fridge, either. I'm not much of a one for labels, so it was a coup de foudre. No, really, I don't even notice labels - yesterday, I told the man from Lavazza that I loved his coffee, only it turned out to be Illy's, and, moments later, I found myself telling the Dove miller that the flour my children liked best in the world was his Seed and Grain - only that turns out to be made by Allinson. Oh dear.

Anyway, back to the fridge. This is how it happened. We were in the huge theatre at the Good Food Show watching the pantomime dame that is James Martin spinning sugar out of a pan, his patter awash with doubles entendres, the audience screaming with delight - not the children, grown women (some of whom clearly thought they were about to see the Chippendales). Show over, our little group of bloggers was allowed up on the stage.

My plan was to take photos of the underside of the demonstration worktop - does that sink actually work? From the murky world of investigative blogging I can tell you definitively: no. There's a waste pipe poking down, but no bucket. Probably no water in the taps, either, but I didn't get the chance to try them.

On the way back down to earth, I passed the fridge. Being the sort of person I am, I opened it. Nothing in it. Nothing at all. Even so, the fridge beckoned: it's got more lights than the third runway at Heathrow, you'd never lose anything in there. I thought I'd take a photo, but someone from Gordon's team elbowed me out of the way, on an urgent mission to fill the fridge with everything he needed for the next show (a small plate of tuna steak). Actually, now I come to think of it, any photo of mine wouldn't have done justice to my new love, but it's okay, I'm not about to forget. (Also, it just occurs to me that there's probably a properly pornographic photo in the brochure I've got somewhere.)

A couple of us stayed on to watch Gordon (first I'd heard the papers say he's been a bad man was from his own lips). While he was patronising us with something he called blotty soup, but which the rest of us might think of as minestrone with an awful lot of wind, I began to notice that both TV chefs had mentioned all their sponsors bar one (James Martin gleefully telling us that Waitrose is a better bet than the sponsoring supermarket). At first I thought it might be because they took for granted the presence of a hot oven in their kitchens. But gradually I realised it was because any fool can say Billington, Sainsbury, etc etc.

And then - forgive me - I began to feel smug. I'd taken the precaution, earlier in the day, of asking our host for definitive advice. Miele. Rhymes with dealer. I just wish I'd asked how much my fridge is going to cost.

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Useful link, especially if you want to buy a fridge


PS the photograph (illicit, I'm afraid, but I was sitting in the back row and came over all naughty schoolgirl) is not so much a snap of Gordon as a picture of the perfect fridge (on the left, and in the background on the right)


Magic Cochin said...

The Miele-dealer sent me an invite too, but I couldn't go along - so glad you all had a fun time!

Oh and thanks for filling me in with the celeb gossip - talk of Gordon's extra-curriculum activities had completely passed me by!!

So, have you ordered a new fridge? Perhaps they do a freezer in the same style?


MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

So I'll try to keep my eyes closed when there's a Miele around!
Sounds like a fabulous time you had.

Joanna said...

Didn't dare order a fridge for fear of what would be said once I got home. I nobly restrained myself from buying a whizzy new kettle, and when I described it to Lucius, he said, why on earth didn't you buy it. Francesca fell in love with a knife at £100 and made the mistake of telephoning her other half with the good news ...

Sorry you weren't there too - and if I hadn't been, I still wouldn't know the celeb gossip. There must be a way to keep up with it, other than quizzing a passing teenager, not that they are that interested in celeb chefs ;)

Joanna said...


yes, keep your eyes firmly closed. I dread to think what it costs ... but it's great. And we had lots of fun - I'd never been to one of these big food shows before, but I'd certainly go again


Jules said...

I was wondering if Gordon would be there after his little revelation last weekend!

Glad you had a good time.

Sam said...

Wow,, you were quick to get this written up, I've barely started!

I didn't know how to say miele either I was pronouncing it mee-ell!

Mandy said...

I have a Miele vacuum and have always pronounced it mee-ell so i am grateful for your knowledge of how to pronouce it correctly. My daughter was at the live show with Gordon on Thursday too so good to see your photo!

Joanna said...

Jules - I didn't see it last weekend, but I gather round two will be in the papers tomorrow. He faced it out well, even though he was obviously in terror of meeting his mum later - he said she was in the audience. I know what I'd have to say to either of my boys in similar circs, so I'm not surprised he was fearful

Mandy, hope your daughter enjoyed the show, I'd never been before, and thought it was great fun, something I'll definitely do again.

Hey Sam, it was great to meet you and all the other bloggers, looking forward to reading your take on the show


nicisme said...

I really enjoyed meeting you Joanna, and reading your view on the day.
I'll be back often now I know your blog, you have some great recipes here!

Amanda at Little Foodies said...

Oh I wish I'd gone now! Sounds like great fun. Re: your pic - beautiful fridge!

Anonymous said...

Hehehe, Joanna, funny post. My fridge is not a Miele, but a Liebherr..

Anonymous said...

Hehehe, Joanna, funny post. My fridge is not a Miele, but a Liebherr..

Katie said...

It was great to meet you Joanna. Wish I'd stayed for the Gordon show now. Happy fridge hunting

Anne said...

Hi Joanna! Was good to meet with you last week! :)

Your comment about the
'chippendales' was spot on! I have a feeling that the primarily female audience for James show were there to see him, not him cook! ;-)