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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sweet potato rosti

Frugal food involves using up every last little bit - and is often much more delicious than extravagant food. This sweet and crunchy rosti is a case in point.

Tuesday lunch always involves clearing the fridge and the last of the veg box before the new one arrives. There were several tiny sweet potatoes to eat up (and, in truth, they were just beginning to look shrivelled).

So I peeled and grated them, together with a couple of small potatoes and a small onion. I put the resulting mess into a colander for half an hour, squeezing it every so often to force out the moisture. Fried for 15 minutes or so in a non-stick pan with a little sunflower oil - I pushed it around for the first 10 minutes, then formed it into a cake and browned one side to a crisp. Lettice ate it with a little mince that needed finishing, I ate it with chilli jam and some Greek yoghurt. Green salad. Yum.

I'm SO glad that this week's box also contains sweet potato.


Anonymous said...

Hi Joanna,

Sorry you couldn't make it to the bloggers meet. We were blessed with the weather and it was so much fun to meet up. Lots of knowledge there. I was kind of hoping you'd bring some of those cheese biscuits!

Joanna said...

Hi John ... funnily enough, the plan was to bring exactly that ... but family life got in the way. Another time.


MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Sounds most excellent Joanna.

Mallika said...

Sounds divine! I'm going to try and grill them to take out the moisture and use less oil.

Antonia said...

I was supposed to get sweet potatoes in my box last week, but sadly none arrived. I was most disappointed and am now even more so... I adore rosti and this is a great twist!

Joanna said...

Mallika I'll be interested to hear how that goes .... and Antonia, I expect you'll get some sweet potato soon - I've just had yet another one, but I'm not fed up with them yet :)


katiez said...

I love sweet potatoes! I don't find them often, but snap them up when I see them. I have to admit, they are such a rare treat, I only ever bake them and eat them with butter.

Benjamin Chesterton said...

This is a delicious blog!

You mentioned you get your veg box from Riverford which makes me think that you might be interested in this beautifully photographed feature about the farm.

If you're interested in embedding the feature on your blog please let me know. Its easy to do and might be something your readers would enjoy.