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Monday, June 09, 2008

One Local Summer: Week 1 round up

Was there an international section last year? This year, we've got one experienced locavore, and the rest of us are groping about making a start, with varying degrees of success.

Sally in Bristol UK made egg and chips with mayonnaise and peppery rocket ... it all came from the farm shop near Frome that's close to her work. Maybe she's been working too hard, because she fell asleep and the chips burnt in the oven. Find her posts at Diario

In France, Riana at Garlic Breath took it all in her stride, she's a long-standing locavore, one I've found inspiring over the months since she began her year of not shopping. Her meal this week was from weeds - yes, that's right, weeds - and flowers. Did you know you could eat hollyhocks? Me neither

Mariah at Rural Aspirations is nervous, she's only just started on this journey, but she's decided to go for it. Just not this week, there were problems, so she's made some cheese, and has great recommendations for local cheeses for locavores around Vancouver.

Amber says she was too scared to take part last summer, but now - with a newborn as well as a toddler - she's giving it a go.

One of the problems several of us have had is in deciding what local actually means. I've decided to start with a loose definition, trying each time to choose the most local. I amazed myself by finding local cold-pressed oil - something I never thought I'd find in the UK, and a great relief as my husband doesn't do saturated fats following a heart attack. Our meal was delicious but frugal - the result of lack of forward planning; find it at Joanna's Food

At Karen's Home on the Blog in Ayr, Canada they ate bacon and eggs ... she's going to post about her definition of local - but it already includes produce from her garden.

Because the international section is so small at the moment, I've invited bloggers to join us for one week, or whatever they can manage ...

Wendy at A Wee Bit of Cooking made gnocchi with nettles from her weed patch. All the other ingredients are from her native Scotland. I can't wait to try it on mine.

You can find the dozens of others taking part in the One Local Summer challenge at Farm to Philly


Helen said...

"Most Local" is a good idea. I live in Central London and it is far harder.

I have local herbs - they travel about 4 foot from my window box to the plate.

I have had London honey from a hive on a roof over Tower Bridge.

My work now gives food miles for many products in the staff restaurant - usually only when they can boast it is local.

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

That seems an excellent start!

Joanna said...

Hi Hippolyra, yes, I think "most local" works well, although it's easy to get too complacent, which is where the one whole meal a week comes in ... it is such a good test, really concentrates the mind.

I think herbs are the most worthwhile thing for people with no garden/no space, because they are SO expensive, they tend to come from so far, and they generally come swathed in a great deal of plastic.

The honey from Tower Bridge sounds wonderful - I wonder if Fortnum and Mason have any on sale from those fabulous hives they showed at last year's Chelsea

Tanna, thanks for kind words - I'm just glad we didn't have guests for that particular frugal meal, delicious though it was ;) More thinking and preparation needed for this week