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Friday, April 02, 2010

Blue Orpingtons

My beautiful blue Orpington hens laid their first eggs this week, just in time to help with the Easter baking. I bought them in October, a sustained moment of extravagence at the end-of-season auction - the first lot went for slightly more than I wanted to pay, and so I bought the second lot for a little more than that.

They live in an Eglu just outside the kitchen window, where they anticipate my every move as they hope for yet more bread, more baked potatoes, perhaps a handful of weeds and seeds. I love their low contented-hen sounds, their busy-ness, their good-natured sibling banter ... and now, their eggs. What a treat.


Magic Cochin said...

Happy Easter Joanna - they are lovely Blue Orps :-)

Enjoy your Easter egg

Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Good one. Lovely looking chooks. Nothing beats collecting the fresh eggs. Happy baking!

Estate Lawyers said...

Cute chicken Miss my grandma's chicken. Love your family cooking blog.

Pille said...

How cute, Joanna! We recently bought an Eglu as well, and have just got our 3 Araucanas and 1 French Marans this weekend. Hoping to get the first egg in late June :)

JoAnna said...

Beautiful! Enjoy those fresh eggs. We have chickens too and I don't think I'll ever go back to eating store-bought eggs (at least, not willingly). I enjoy your blog!