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Monday, March 29, 2010

Peas and beans in the garden

I've just planted out some peas and beans. Sadly, the autumn-sown peas and beans didn't survive the winter, mainly because I was too idle to cover them through the harsh weather. The rotting remnants of the plants stayed in the ground just outside the kitchen window all through February, causing one visitor to remark on how well my compost heap was doing.

So I went to the garden centre and found some sturdy little plants; the weedy-looking sweet peas in the middle were germinated on the kitchen windowsill, and I've planted them out before pinching them out and giving them a chance to bulk up because I had them in tiny little plugs which wasn't doing their lovely long roots any good at all. So it's kill or cure. Fingers crossed.


Diane said...

What a lovely blog Joanna. I can't wait to get back out into the garden. I usually plant things too early as I am too keen, and being in the north, they suffer!! Peas that I grow never make it to the plate, the kids pick 'em and eat 'em like sweets!!

Goran Smythe said...

I would recommend a heatead propagator. It would really help. i still havent planted my peas out, keeping them in the greenhouse until the 3rd week in may