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Friday, March 26, 2010

Quick real bread - a new take on Jim Lahey's loaf 2

Karen at Cornflower baked the original Jim Lahey bread today ... it's a two-day process that makes good bread. If you need bread on the table NOW, just bake your usual dough in a covered Le Creuset pot (what Americans call a Dutch oven) in a hot oven. The fastest I can manage this is 90 minutes start to finish (45 minutes in the breadmaker on dough setting), straight into the hot pot without a rest (better to rest the dough for at least 10 minutes, but things are not always perfect, and yeast is very forgiving), 30 minutes covered, 10 uncovered. A little time to cool. Method and links here.

The loaf in the photograph was made in a hurry, but, even so, had a good holey crumb and tasted great


Cornflower said...

I must try this way, too!

Joanna said...

I think I must do a tasting of JL's dough with my usual quick dough - the comparison would be useful I think


Lady Lilac said...

Joanna, Brand new Blogger and Fan. Very interested in all you recipe's for 'flat' breads.
I want to try making my own, but do not have access to an oven, only a solid-plate hob and frying pan.
Very new to all this and battling with the jargon and the abbreviations etc. But would like to stay in touch.
Can you please tell me how I find your recipes on your blog for flat breads similar to naan's, pita's and roti's?
And here is a challenge for you, I should not eat wheat, although cheat on occasion, bread really is the sustainer of life!! LOL
Thanks Lady Lilac