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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Julie and Julia

Just back from seeing the film of the book of the blog, Julie and Julia. At last, I understand about J Child - a sort of American Delia, but human, and a better cook. Funny how she doesn't figure at all here.

I liked Julie better than in the blog or the book. And there were moments for bloggers to treasure - the first comment, the who's-reading-this-rubbish-anyway, the decisions about what to include, who to leave out, the way blogging becomes part of your life.

I went on my own, but I'm going to get the film on DVD the day it comes out so that my family watch .... then perhaps they'll understand that my blogging, although occasionally embarrassing (think camera in restaurant), is not even near obsessional. (Or quite as lucrative.)


Anonymous said...

I don't blog, but I love to read blogs, & I love to cook and I really enjoyed the film

Susan said...

It is very difficult to explain to nonbloggers why blogging is so compelling. And I love the hunt for the "blog photo"! Even in restaurants :)

Magic Cochin said...

We had a lovely evening at the cinema, watching Julie and Julia - lots to smile about. I'm ashamed to say I wasn't familiar with J Child, Julie's blog or her book until last week...

Was Meryl Streep standing on a box for most of the kitchen scenes? Those shoes definitely gave her a towering presence!


Cottage Smallholder said...

I can't wait to see this film. Thanks for the nudge.


Anonymous said...

Joanna, please tell me that YOU have written a book as well as your blog? Your blog makes compelling and inspirational reading - surely there is a giant tome somewhere on a bookshelf near me that I have completely missed!
Congratulations on your sensible advice, wonderful recipes and heart warming stories and anecdotes about your family.
Thank you.

Linda :o)

VP said...

Saw it 2 weeks ago. I didn't know about Julie or Julia beforehand, so went with a fairly open mind.

Yes, I chuckled at all the blogging references, especially those of the my readers are relying on me kind. A warning not to fall into that same trap myself.

We dined at the restaurant of a TV chef last week for my husband's birthday - definitely a 20% experience! First time we'd done anything like that and we loved it, especially as it's now such a rare treat :)

I also asked him what he thought about Julie and Julia. He loves films about food, so he thoroughly enjoyed it and I got some further tips on how to cook lobster!