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Monday, April 13, 2009

Hot uncrossed buns

I made some more hot cross buns on Easter Sunday, and they were gobbled up for tea, gone in moments. These were a slight refinement from the Good Friday recipe, better - only I forgot to slash crosses in them, so I suppose that makes them teacakes. Or crossless buns. Eleanor's favourite, anyway - and she's been very helpful with improving this recipe.

The main changes are making the buns half the size, ensuring that the oven is very hot indeed, and using a lot more spice. Yet to be tried is a little lemon zest - I think it would give the dough a lift.

Here's how it goes:
this makes 12

1/2 tsp instant yeast
300g strong white flour
20g melted butter
150g water
pinch of salt
dssp honey
3 tsp mixed spice, maybe even four (I used the Christmas pudding mix from The Spice Shop)

a handful of sultanas (best soaked for a while, but, obviously, not always possible) kneaded in while you are forming the buns

When the dough is mixed (I've been using the machine), form into buns and leave to rise in a warm place. Decorate with a cross - but that should really only be on Good Friday. Bake in a very hot oven.

While the buns are still warm, brush with honey melted in a little water - I put a pot on the edge of the stove, and it amalgamated into a fragrant syrup in moments, even though it was the solid English sort of honey.

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