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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Pea and avocado puree / dip

Here's something quick and simple for the party season, healthy too. It's two recipes in one: either a puree to spread on little toasts, or, with the addition of a spoonful of low/no-fat cream cheese, a dip. Either way, two minutes max. The flavour is creamy and sweet ... and it's a splendid shade of green.

Pea and avocado puree / dip

1 avocado pear
a couple of handfuls of frozen peas, cooked
lemon juice

& if you're making the dip:
a spoonful of light cream cheese

Blitz the peas with the avo (and cheese if you're making dip). Stir in the lemon juice and pepper. Dollop into a bowl and serve with vegetable crudites. Or spread on little toasts.

Everyone in my family liked this ... although one or two thought it could do with a little more texture: in which case, blitz the peas (and cheese) to a puree first, then add the avocado and pulse gently.

I'm sending this to Ilva at Lucullian Delights to include in this month's Heart of the Matter - the theme this month is quick and easy for the holiday season. Quick, easy, no saturated fat, good fat in the avo, and a good proportion of lovely legume (I can't get any members of my family to eat pulses apart from peas).


Vicki said...

What a great idea! I made this just now using edamame 'cause I'm out of peas. Delicious! I've got some green garbanzos, I'm going to try it with those next.

Ilva said...

Joanna, this is an excellent idea! Thanks!

Jules said...

this looks really nice. I may have to make it for a party next week.

Chris said...

Looks good! I bet you can't even taste the peas - does it have a guacamole taste to it?

Joanna said...

Jules it's the perfect choice for a party, because it's delicious and very very quick to make. Chris, you're right, you can taste the sweetness of the peas, but you can't taste that it is peas, which is why Vicki has been so clever using edamame - I'm going to do that too, because I've got some I impulse-bought a while ago ...

And, yes, it does have a guacamole-y feel to it, particularly if you keep the avocado a little lumpy (although I like it as a smooth puree)

So good that delicious doesn't have to be bad for you :)


David Hall said...

Its mushy peas man! :o)

Come and collect your award for a top post at Cerys the Well Done Angel Awards! x

michelle said...

Hi Joanna - this sounds lovely! I've been looking for dips that are alternative to the standard hummus or guacamole and this sounds perfect! Thanks for sharing!

Cakespy said...

That sounds delicous. I love the taste of peas, so I am sure this would be a winner with me!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! Great color, too!


jasmine said...

blend in garlic and chilli flakes with it and it's perfect!