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Friday, December 14, 2007

Breadmaking course in Bath

I've just come back from a very inspiring day in Bath, learning how to make bread the Richard Bertinet way. Lovely light bread, full of life, full of air, full of taste. Tactile to make, delicious to eat. I'll post properly tomorrow - how we made fougasse, focaccia, olive breadsticks.

In the meantime, here's a tip for UK readers .... Richard Bertinet told us you can get fresh yeast from Sainsbury's and Tesco. So on the way back from Reading station, I stopped off at Tesco. And you know what? They GIVE AWAY their fresh yeast. Yes, really ... they gave me enough for three kilos of flour, maybe four. You should have seen the grin on my face as I waltzed out of the door.

PS I got into trouble from Richard for taking this photograph - it seems the bread needs to be arranged, to show it off at its best. I just wanted to show you how much we made ... this isn't all of it by any means; tomorrow I'll post a picture of the basket Richard artfully arranged.


Sophie said...

Fabulous - I'm glad you enjoyed the day and look forward to hearing more about it!

I'd heard that you could ask supermarket bakeries for fresh yeast but have never actually tried it.

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

I am so green with whatever. You are so incredibly lucky. I have both his books and would love to do that!

Joanna said...

Sophie ... do try, it's amazing. But not Waitrose, they just look at you blankly (I've tried in several branches) - Richard Bertinet says that's because they only re-heat part-baked bread in Waitrose, whereas they actually make it in Tesco and Sainsbury bakeries ... certainly our local Tesco's bakery (into which I ventured for the first time last night) had a huge Kenwood type mixer, and a fridge full of fresh yeast.

On the other hand, I'd like to be able to buy it in the quantities I want, rather than rely on the largesse of whoever's around at the time ...

Tanna - you are right, very lucky ... he's a gifted teacher. I have Dough, and am going to work my way through that before going to another course and buying the other book. I'd really like to know how you get on with some of the recipes ... you are my gold standard home baker, and your oatbread is legendary in this house


Marie said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the course, I have been meaning to sign up all year, maybe next year. I get all my yeast from Tesco, did you feel guilty putting it in your bag instead of on the belt at the checkout? I do every time. Sainsbury will give you any amount of yeast you want but they make a small charge. Did you get your dough scrapers?

Joanna said...

Actually, Marie, it was even worse than that - it was the only reason I went to Tesco, so I just waltzed right out, trying not to feel like a shoplifter ;)

But I wish that they'd sell it to you, just like everything else, because then you could buy the amount you want, and you wouldn't feel like they're doing you the most enormous favour - I mean, it's a better product than the dried stuff they sell ... it seems to typify everything I dislike about supermarkets. Although it's nice to get something for free ;)

Marie said...

I was told that they don't charge because they don't have a barcode.