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Saturday, December 15, 2007


Wonderful to wake to the news that some sort of agreement has been reached in Bali, after days of fearing that it would be just another Kyoto.

On the other hand, here, it's clear that my family would rather carry on eating industrialised food, don't really care if it arrives in an aeroplane, don't really think that meals are for a family to sit down together and eat the same thing. And we heat half the house using electricity (and even so we can see our breath as we come down the stairs on a cold and frosty morning).

I'll post about the bread when I'm feeling less grumpy ;)


Anonymous said...

Joanna, can't believe they'd rather eat industrialised food. I'll be around to show them anyday!

Hope this comment gets through!
John Curtin

Joanna said...

John - thank you for ploughing your way through the brick wall that is blogger comments ...

Well, you know, they're keen on Mother's Pride, rather nasty pizza that arrives in boxes, colas of various sorts, other stuff I can't bear to think about ... But reading through this post, I was definitely feeling grumpy, and, actually, they mostly all eat my cooking (and their own) and like most of it (although they often think I make a fuss about nothing, making them cook popcorn, rather than get that vile microwave stuff, for instance)

But they know what real good food is, they know about the seasons (even though they may not think they do), they know what, for instance, potatoes foliage looks like. And they do sit down round a table full of talk for most of their meals at home. I haven't got much to complain about ;)