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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Prune and armagnac tart

Computer still dead, so once again no pictures. This is fab. Also a bit of a triumph for me, as it was an experiment in baking on our new Esse woodburning stove - even the manufacturers are dubious about how much cooking you can achieve ... so I'm feeling particularly pleased that I managed an entire roast for six PLUS this baking. Lovely traditional French food.

Prune and armagnac tart
for 6 individual tarts

200g Agen prunes
2-3 tbsp armagnac
15-20g ground almonds
1 beaten egg
20g sugar
100 ml cream or creme fraiche

enough pastry for six individual tarts

Prepare the pastry cases and rest in the fridge.

Pour armagnac over the prunes and leave for at least an hour, more if they are not already very soft.

Prick the pastry cases and bake in a hot oven (200C) for 15-20 minutes (or don't prick them, but use greaseproof paper and baking beans). Remove from the oven just before they start to brown, brush with a little of the beaten egg and give them another couple of minutes in the oven.

Drain the prunes, reserving the armagnac in a bowl. Add the almonds, eggs, sugar and cream. Arrange the prunes in the pastry cases, then pour over the custard. Bake at 180-190C for 45 minutes.


Cottage Smallholder said...

This sounds superb, Joanna.

I'm so envious of your Esse. Well done cooking a roast for six and this pud. Well done!

Anonymous said...

I love prunes and am so happy to see a prune recipe. With liquor to boot!

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Technology when it doesn't work, really doesn't work. I know how nasty a hard drive crash is after going through two. So sorry Joanna.

Sure love the sound of this tart. Now that technology working at it's best ;0)

Joanna said...

I've shut my mind down, Tanna, until I know just how bad it all is - one sleepless night was enough. Should know tomorrow (that's the worst of this kind of disaster on a FRIDAY night!)

And, yes, the prunes were immensely cheering, I love them too Hilary. And, yes, Fiona, I'm very lucky to have the Esse, which is PERFECT technology - unless I end up burning down the house (as one website suggested was the inevitable outcome). Fingers crossed ;)


Anonymous said...

I stayed in a holiday cottage with an Esse once. I'm amazed you can cook on it - heat was as much as we achieved, and then only just.

Joanna said...

Was it a while ago, Linda? Woodburning stoves have come on in leaps and bounds recently, and this particular Esse (Ironheart) is designed as a very small range cooker ... cleanburn, it hardly prodcues any ash at all, after 2 weeks of continuous use, I thought I should empty the not very big pan, and it was only 2/3 full