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Friday, April 25, 2008

Spiced apricots

Caroline poached apricots in a subtle spice mix for DD's birthday on St George's Day. Utterly delicious.

Take one packet of those luscious half-dried apricots and poach them in orange juice sweetened with a little honey, together with one star anise, one vanilla pod and a couple of cloves. (Follow the instructions on the packet for timings.) We ate them with a chocolate-y almond cake. Mmmm

The tulips are on my desk. Anyone who has ever been in my study will know that I had to clear a space in order to take the photograph. Incidentally, the orange lily-flowered tulip is Ballerina, which besides being a particularly cheering flame colour is also sweetly scented, unlike most florist's tulips.

After I put them in a vase I took them outside again, so that I could enjoy them in the afternoon sun:


MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

These are lovely Joanna. Gone over a month ago from Dallas.

Anonymous said...

Such rich and gorgeous colours. I can never decide whether to cut my tulips and bring them inside where I can see them all the time or leave them in the garden where they are occasionally observed (in the NE of England in the spring, occasionally is quite a goodly amount of time in the garden!)

Anonymous said...

What lovely flowers. I'm amazed that the orange one has a perfume!
You are a lucky girl.

Celia Hart said...

Beautiful tulips - gorgeous colours.


David Hall said...

Loving the apricots Joanna! I love stewed fruit, lovely with yoghurt.


Sandra said...

Utterly beautiful tulips Joanna. I'm enjoying your flower photos in this and recent posts.