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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Oven temperature conversion chart

The complete bloggers' guide to oven temperatures around the world.

I cook in centigrade; Americans use fahrenheit; other English cooks use gas; anyone consulting an old cookery book will have come across terms which are apparently vague (such as moderate), but which are actually quite precise - and also very useful to anyone using a fire to cook.

I'm always having to look them up in a variety of places. So here they all are:

Fahrenheit Celsius Gas Mark Heat of Oven
225° 110° 1/4 Very cool
250 120 1/2 Very cool
275 140 1 Cool
300 150 2 Cool
325 160 3 Moderate
350 180 4 Moderate
375 190 5 Moderately hot
400 200 6 Moderately hot
425 220 7 Hot
450 230 8 Hot
475 240 9 Very hot


Wendy said...

Thank you. I'm always checking temperature converters on the net. Going to print this out and pop it on my pinboard. :)

Unknown said...

Recipies that only give you one cooking temp drives me nuts and puts me off cooking baking etc, thank you and thank you google

Joanna said...

I'm afraid I'm guilty there, Jessie, as I've stopped thinking in Farenheit, although I began cooking in F. But some of the US blogs I like tempt me, and then I need a conversion chart. Funnily enough, as I also cook on a wood stove, the really old-fashioned directions (hot, moderately hot, very hot, etc) mean more to me these days

Thanks for kind words