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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Claudia Roden's orange cake

I make this every year - double the quantities, eat one freeze one. It always takes me a while to find it, so I'm reposting it. You can use clementines, too, and I've often wondered how it would taste with lemons.

Claudia Roden's orange cake

2 oranges
6 eggs
250g sugar
2 tbsp orange blossom water
1 tsp baking powder
250g ground almonds

Boil the oranges in water until they are soft. This will take about an hour, perhaps a little more. Carefully drain them in a colander, and, when they are cool, split them open with your hands and take out the pips. Put them into the Magimix with all the other ingredients, and whizz until everything is smooth (the oranges will disintegrate in moments, which makes me think you could probably mix this by hand without any real difficulty, although I have never tried this).

It would be better if you beat the eggs and sugar together first, but I never do. It would be better if you ground your own lightly toasted almonds, but I seldom do. It does not much matter if you leave out the orange blossom water, which I sometimes do. Last time I made it I forgot to put in the baking powder, and the result was a little less light than usual, but it did not spoil the cake. This is a very forgiving recipe (and you can make it with any sort of orange citrus - clementines are good).

Pour into a 26cm tin which you have greased (I always use olive oil for this). CR says you should dust it with flour or Matzo meal; I never have, because I use a clip tin with a removable base. Bake for one hour at 190C, and leave to cool in the tin before turning out.

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Cottage Smallholder said...

That sounds delicious, Joanna. I'm going to try this with some clementines left over from Christmas. Thanks

suechef said...

It's wonderful with lemons! Nigella has the recipe for all variations in "How to Eat" and it takes 375g lemons to 250g sugar as you have - the same for clementines or oranges but she lessens the sugar to 225g for the latter two. Also talks of a light drizzle of icing on the lemon one. I make them all at different times of the year and they go wonderfully with fruit for dessert!