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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Cured mackerel, an update

We ate the mackerel last night ... lovely soft flavour, better by far than smoked salmon, a real delicacy, and SO easy.

The other photos show the boys returning from clearing out the loch above the house where we are staying (mud, mud, glorious mud!), and my live brooch, which flew in threw the kitchen window and stayed on my shirt for about an hour, until Lettice said it spooked her out. I wish I knew more about moths, and could identify it.

Today we're off to Edinburgh, via lunch at the Whitehouse at Morvern, reached via the Fishnish ferry to the mainland. I'll keep you posted!



SueCooksWild said...

The boys look like they are having too much fun with all that mud!! The mackerel looks delicious! Have a great day in Edinburgh! Oh, I feel like I'm on vacation with you.

katiez said...

Would never have thought to do that with mackeral!
Looks like you are having a wonderful holiday... Those fresh mussels sounded delicious!

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Geeze better than salmon, I need some of this stuff. Mackerel better than salmon . . . I really need it. Wish I could be there for you to show me. Easy? you say.
I have a picture of our boys in underwear after playing in a created mud hole much like this photo of mud mud mud! Gad they did have a great time.

Dean ( mostlymacro ) said...

Hi Joanna. The live brooch in question is a Scalloped Oak.

Joanna said...

Sue - I wish you'd been there with us

Katie - the mussels were lovely, the mackerel even better

Tanna - well mackerel is cheaper than salmon, and just about as delicious - perhaps more than the farmed salmon. It really is easy - next time I make it, I'll take photos all the way and post them.

So glad it's not just MY boys who like mud!

Dean - when that moth flew onto me, I thought of you, as I knew you'd know what it was. Thanks for telling me!