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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Yeast conversion

I've had a scribbled note about yeast on my desk for months ... it means I don't remember where the information comes from:

10g fresh yeast = 5g dried yeast = 3g quick yeast

Now I can throw it away ;)


Peter M said...

Joanna, thanks..this will come in handy. Many times I've wondered what the equiv. would be.

Joanna said...

Peter, I just hope it came from a good source - I think it must have done, otherwise I wouldn't have taken the trouble to write it down ... I'll make some tests at some point soon-ish, and I'll look out for more information on your excellent blog :)


Anonymous said...

that's a nice rule of thumb -- I have the percentages in my head but this sounds positively easier to remember.