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Monday, March 05, 2007

Red onion marmalade

This is a sort of chutney, easy to make, very useful to have in the cupboard. It takes quite a while to boil down, but it's worth the wait, and you only have to watch it at the end, when you want to stop cooking just as it's about to catch.

The idea came from a note that's been on my desk for weeks: red onions/sugar/red wine/vinegar/port. And that's all it is. (I don't remember how I came to write the note, but was probably inspired by one blog or another, as that's where most of my cooking inspiration comes from these days, so apologies if it looks as if I've pinched someone else's idea: get in touch and I'll set up a link!)

1. Chop one kilo of red onions and sweat in olive oil

2. Add 300g muscovado sugar

3. Add one bottle of red wine (I used very cheap, probably undrinkable Rioja), 150ml port, and 250 ml sherry vinegar

4. Cook until all the liquid is absorbed

5. Bottle

6. Enjoy!


andrea said...

thank you for your onion marmalade recipe... am in process of cooking it and i cant wait.

i also noted your comment about bee keeping. we live in the countryside in Spain up on a hill. Recently thought that it would be a good idea to have bee hives which could be looked after by a local chap who sells honey and we could come to an arrangement.
However, I am have an allergy to stings - so is this a silly idea to have bee hives around.
the land is about 13 acres.
Andrea in Monda,Spain

Joanna said...

Andrea, if you have allergies, you should eat the honey from your area ... I am allergic to wasp stings, but can put up with bee stings, although they don't sting very much unless you anger them. Probably not a good idea to keep hives in your garden though ;)

Thanks for your kind words, hope you enjoy the onion marmalade