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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

A boy's breakfast

This is what a 16-year-old chooses for his breakfast. With orange juice.

I took this(on my phone) a couple of days ago in Doncaster, before our drive more or less the length of England. Blazing hot sunshine all the way, until we reached the Lizard, the southernmost point of the British mainland - since then, we've been living in a cloud.

Here is the view from our bedroom window: WHERE IS THE SEA??? However, the consolation is that I am making an elaborate loaf of bread using Gilchester Farm flour bought in Northumberland, the Andrew Whitley recipe on the back of the packet, and the fresh yeast I bought in the health food shop in Helston.


katiez said...

No beans???
I remember 16 year old boys breakfasts.... My son's was not often quite so normal looking

Nan said...

I see toast, a croissant, and what are those triangle-y things?
We went to the area where you are on our honeymoon - stayed in Lamorna Cove, and visited Derek and Jeannie Tangye. Have you heard of them? I think there is a Minack trust they left. We visited the Minack Theatre, but during the daytime. I always thought a show there must be just the best!

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Heaven, sounds lovely and topped with making bread, it's perfect!

Susan said...

Breakfast? You mean teenagers get up before one in the afternoon?