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Saturday, April 14, 2007

A golden wedding celebration

Yesterday, my father and stepmother celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. They had an early evening drinks party, with lots of family and old friends. As this is a food blog, I will tell you the menu: smoked salmon on bread, little squares of pizza, and hot cocktail sausages dressed in a mixture of Greek honey, grainy mustard and tomato ketchup. Wedding cake at the end. Crisps for the children. Champagne to drink.

The photograph shows me and my brother in front of the bride and groom, two sets of grandparents (I had three grandmothers and four grandfathers, all wonderful - how lucky am I?) and a couple of witnesses. The one below was taken during the speeches and is the best we could do ...


Doodles said...

what a wonderful memory of the old photo and the present photo of the Happy Couple....congratsulations to them!

Glenna said...

Congratulations! What a great day for your family!

Katie said...

How wonderful! 50 years!
I love those old pictures.
Congrats to the happy couple!