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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Prawn paste

This comes from Elizabeth David's Christmas, an excellent little book I bought when it came out in 2003 (it was put together posthumously from pieces found amongst her papers). She was a little bah humbug about Christmas, so it's not a Delia style instruction manual for getting you through the big day with a huge turkey, all the trimmings and timings spelt out for you. It's more of a winter cookbook, although I use it all year round (and curse the binder every time I pull it off the shelf: the glue gave way the very first time I read it, and the pages are now coming out by the handful).

I pounced on this recipe as an alternative to potted shrimps, which Lucius loves, but no longer eats because of all that butter. I think this is much nicer, and certainly much more in tune with modern ideas on nutrition.

Blitz 250g cooked prawns, with some basil leaves (ED specifies dried; I use fresh whenever I can) and the juice of a lemon (I often put in the grated zest, too). Pepper, cayenne if you like, perhaps a little coriander seed. When it's smooth, slowly add olive oil - four two six tablespoons. Serve with toast.

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