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Sunday, May 15, 2005


This morning I made kedgeree for breakfast. It took not much more than 10 minutes, and was delicious. As we were eating it, I wondered if, next time, I would remember how I had cooked it. And then it occured to me that if I blogged my food discoveries, I'd never lose them in the general household muddle that is my filing system. It would also make it easy for all those people who have asked about our new, post-heart-attack diet.

We try to eat kippers once a week. Living, as we do, as far from the sea as you can get in the British Isles, it is sometimes tricky getting hold of decent, undyed kippers. If we manage to get those (Tesco is our best source), I put them in foil in the oven for 15-10 minutes to heat them through without stinking out the house. We eat them on toast with tomatoes, either raw or also cooked in the oven. But, if we can't get decent kippers, and have to resort to dyed fillets, they're not so good cooked in that way, because they taste rather harsh. So ...


I cooked one mug of basmati rice and a cardamom (split open) with two and a half mugs of water. Once I got the rice on, I put the 3 kipper fillets in a flat serving dish and poured boiling water over them. Then I chopped up 3 spring onions and a handful of parsley. When the rice had absorbed all the water (watch carefully, or it sticks to the bottom of the pan; you lose the bottom inch or so of rice astonishingly quickly, and you have to soak the pan for an hour to free it), I covered it with a tea towel while I drained and flaked the fish in the same dish. I added the rice, a small pot of 0% Greek yoghurt (150g) and the greens.

The yoghurt was much nicer than all that butter people generally use in kedgeree, because it gave it an edge. Half way through eating it, I thought that it would have been even better if I had finished it with lemon zest and juice. Next time.

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